The Book Club


The Urbanippie Book Club (UBC) may lead to making new friends, traveling, and reading numerous wine labels.

UBC  is a feminist book club, meaning that everyone is welcome, long as you’re human. Based in the capital city Tshwane, each month a book will be carefully curated for members. A captivating book club with conversation to spark the imagination.

The club is accustomed for novice readers too. We hope to connect like-minded people and bond beyond book discussions. The setting of a book may determine our next literary encounter. Say the book is set in Spain, Paella or Tapas will be served. All in all, our books may take us to restaurants, museums, movies, wine bars, and book discussions of course.

There are no reading or attendance prerequisites to join the meet-ups, this club is perfect for the new kid in town or the busy bee. Membership; if you’re 23+ years young, you can totally sit with us.