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September read: Reflections from a broken heart

Spring brings about weddings, where people often find their soulmates or what we do not wish for anybody, your worst nightmare. Unfortunately for 21-year-old Keoratile Ngobeni her soulmate turned out to be a memory she longs for but lost all lust. For our September reading, her memoir sheds light and courage on heartbreaks.

Reflections from a broken heart is more than just a memoir, it offers hope and encouragement to those who had given up on love. Perhaps like Ngobeni you found devasted by love and the idea of it regardless of the experience. She testified that there’s someone who’s ready to reciprocate your love for them the way you have been craving.

The book is a breeze with just 95 pages of anecdotes and poetry on matters of the heart. The Urbainppie Book Club was honoured to have Keoratile at the September meeting for full-on insight on how the book came about.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.