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Feminism x Violence

Now more than ever is an important time for feminists to build their own tribe. Our recent gathering was not like the usual book club meeting. Three hours of uninterrupted thought provoking conversations on feminism being a possible solution to violence. An issue that cuts deep and leaves society in fear. The Urbanippie book club invited author Prof. Pumla Dineo Gqola to be part of the conversation.

The dialogue was a success with our guest using references from her book Rape: A South African nightmare to paint a portrait of the intensity of violence and how it is normalised. The key trait of feminism is that it is intersectional, taking into consideration how sociopolitical issues impact people and inform their lived experiences.

At the end of the session, you would have learned that being a feminist means not working hard to find your tribe. As politics, feminism should be a way of life especially with a generation that’s creating critical mass.

The role of curbing violence against women and children should not be restricted to one gender, as society assigns gender roles. It restricts people. By bringing discussions about violence into the light, we’re edging toward better ways to protect women.