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Reading for enlightenment with Ta-Nehisi Coates

The purpose of book clubs is to insinuate ourselves into the reading experience. It is about revealing the important truth or provide a profound sense of kinship between the reader and writer. while identifying and discussing these truths deepen the reader’s appreciation of the books.

With that being said, our May read came out tops in the book selection process. Reading ‘between the world and me’ gave us a sense of enlightenment to channel our struggles. For Toni Morrison to call the biography required reading is fitting for the heartfelt Ta-Nehisi Coates penned for his son.

In a cosy cafe, the group reviewed Ta-Nehisi’s work which left us with feelings of pride and entitlement. To take authority and rightfully earn what’s yours. Because we are the dreamers of today, and we are free. Reading this book came with a lot of questions. This is what the author tried to instigate to the reader, “to grow into consciousness.”



Great discussion pack!!!


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