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Hosting a book club made easy

Hi there

The Urbanippie Book Club (UBC) has been running for three months now. From the little experience of hosting prestigious monthly meetings. We’d love to share what we’ve mastered so far.

When, how often, and where will your book club meet?

Firstly, when picking a date, consider the club members schedules and ensure there are no clashes. Weekends are always a safe bet. Think of the book club as a coffee date with your busy friends, so a monthly meeting sounds more rational. Picking meeting spots can be fun because you can either alternate hosting with other members. Otherwise, consider cozy restaurants and cafes with delicious treats for a memorable date.

How long will the meetings last?

For book discussion purposes, the meetings shouldn’t last longer than three hours. Thereafter, if the mood allows, which it always will. A glass or two of your favorite to talk about life and all things we love shall be served.

Will you serve food?

Yeah! Everyone pays for the own meal. Sounds fair? Unless you’re hosting at home, members can contribute to the feasts. Such as bringing a salad or something small to nibble on. Long story short, make sure no one goes hungry. The consequences are dangerous!

What’s the role of the leader, or will you even designate a leader?

Sounds easy right? But it’s not. Facilitating a book club means arriving before anyone else. Ensuring there are enough seats at the table, especially if meeting at a restaurant and of course making sure all possible issues are discussed. Basically, it is being a mother for the day.

What types of books do you want to read?

Choosing what books to read is one of the most enjoyable, often frustrating, and certainly the most important activities the group will undertake. Other than being introduced to authors and books you’re unfamiliar with, and books that fall outside your regular areas of interest which is good. You learn to compromise. At the UBC, we create polls online and submit book suggestions and vote. Easy peasy!

Who makes up the questions for the group to discuss?

All members of the club come with their own questions. During the discussion, it is about trying to keep a balance between personal reactions and a response to the book itself. Of course, every reader responds to a book in ways that are intimately tied to his or her background, upbringing, experiences, and view of the world. Questions are bound to arise from this.


Once you figure out these details, the fun begins – reading and talking about good books.