Born A Crime – Trevor Noah

Simple! Don’t deny yourself this book. You are free, you are literate, and the history lesson is a rather hilarious one. It came as no surprise when Trevor Noah was announced as Jon Stewart’s successor on The Daily Show. He has proven himself as a comedian and a profound writer in his memoir.

The book consists of eighteen personal essays, all of which are beautifully written. They represent pivotal moments in his life and an ode to his mother.  Trevor’s life is set in a world similar to ours but utterly different. Asking Trevor where he’s initially from should be confusing, in the book his upbringing is highlighted by the various neighbourhoods they lived in during and post-apartheid.

The book is a magnet. Straight to the point, an easy read that reflects the diversity of South Africa. It is heart-warming, tragic but most of all funny. True to his roots, South Africa is proud. Trevor, your humour is gold!