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Trevor Noah takes Chapter Two of Urbanippie

Good books and friends are two of the best things in life. The Urbanippie book club combines these two loves like milk and cookies. Trevor Noah’s ‘Born a Crime’ was our April book of the month in commemoration of the South African public holiday, Freedom Day.

And, it was a funny history lesson that we missed in high school, Trevor’s knack for turning pivotal moments in his life into a comedy script works for all of us. It’s the perfect pick for millennials who are discovering themselves.

The day was spent recapping on the personal essays while sipping off drinks at Vovo Telo ( Lynnwood Bridge), chatting occasionally, pausing to reflect and then reading some more. Days like book club meetings don’t come often, but when they do, it’s the ultimate luxury.

Apart from fictional characters, the book club ladies are great companions. In our monthly meetings, the company of these women becomes more and more valuable to the club. Thank you for your support Nippies!




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See you on May 20th