The Underground Railroad – Colson Whitehead

From popping up on Pinterest as the favourite book club read. Our Colson Whitehead debut was an amazing journey through the life of Cora. A slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia. Her life as an outcast ended with a risky escape to find the Underground Railroad to the unknown.

The writer painted an intense image of slavery. It was difficult reading this book. The persistent, horrific punishments of slaves is shocking but guess it forms part of the story. From reading the book, there were compelling moments where you find yourself grateful for freedom.

The Underground Railroad is a depiction of slaves moving towards liberty which makes Cora’s story one to remember. Even so, the book was quite slow going and couldn’t keep up with the pop-up characters. Overall, we’re glad to have read it. It was a good book for the most part.


320 Pages – Read in March 2017