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It’s Official: The book club is lit!

Lit as in popping. Time to reschedule your calendar for the Urbanippie Book Club (UBC) meetings. The club will be coming to you monthly.

On March 25, the UBC met to enjoy scrumptious waffles on a beautiful autumn day at Aroma Gourmet Coffee Roastery in Brooklyn. The goal was to promote reading, feminism, and friendship. The event was, once again, a success, and we hope all participants enjoyed it as much as we did.

For those who missed our first meeting. Let’s get you caught up to speed: Our March read was Everything everything by Nicola Yoon, we chatted over coffee. Members had their own interpretations which made it interesting. From the responses, the March read was a winner. Members picked out three books each for the club. It’s safe to say they’re at the helm of producing, with a list of famous authors, we are working hard to keep you wrapped around the books.

We now begin the planning for the April event which will take place on the 22 of April. Time and venue to be confirmed at a later stage. All we can is… It’s gonna be epic!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for exclusive sneak peeks, and stay tuned here for info on events for our UBC readers. Only a twenty-ish days to go…