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Lighting up the Bronx with books

Noëlle Santos hails from the Bronx in New York City. A millennial and founder of the only bookstore in the borough, the Lit. Bar; a bookstore/wine bar/community center. Her business plan won her a business competition two years ago, and now The Lit. Bar is close to becoming a reality.


Noelle Santos, founder of The Lit. Bar

There are no bookstores in the Bronx, and Noëlle wants to change that for the millions of residents in the neighbourhood. Her bookstore will offer a curated selection of general interest books, gift items, events, and programs with a particular focus on local and women’s interests. Santos and her team of book tender are committed to the quirky needs of their customers, working as a dedicated community partner, and helping to redefine stigmas associated with the borough.

The Lit. Bar’s mission is to create a haven which inspires reading, healthy social interaction, and forward-thinking in the Bronx. Noëlle aims to broaden the community’s knowledge and capacities through their carefully curated book selection and stimulating events and enthuse with fun, Bronx, and reader-related products.

At the end of the day, The Lit Bar is about providing books to an immensely underserved population.  Noëlle Santos is a Girlboss to be worshipped.