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Julia Roberts and Viola Davis to star in Small Great Things movie

Not so long ago, I read the book. I hope you can imagine the excitement gulping within after hearing the news. How to get away with murder star, Viola Davis and Julia Roberts from Eat. Pray. Love are starring in a movie adaption of Jodi Picoult’s novel “Small Great Things.” Davis was cast for a role a day after she won a SAG Award for best supporting actress for “Fences.”

Small Great Things” centers on a delivery nurse who was ordered not touch the baby of a white supremacist couple. When the baby dies in her care, she’s then taken to court by the couple.

Picoult wrote “My Sister’s Keeper,” which she has seen adapted into a movie directed by Nick Cassavetes in 2009. On her novel “Sing You Home” is set up with Ellen DeGeneres and Jeff Kleeman as the producers.

It is without a doubt one of our most anticipated movies.