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Seeing the bigger picture

Large print books are not a mystery, beyond satisfying the urge to read a bestseller they are widely available. These easy-on-the-eye books can be read by anyone, which provides much needed material regardless of age or the acuity of one’s vision. However, having format options do make a significant break of the pocket. Splurging extra rands for the binding to accommodate the extra pages.  Like librarians, careful consideration must be paid to the selection of a large print. Bestsellers and other popular titles are prominent. In case you’re wondering if you should consider large print, here’s why;

  • Large print improves reading speed  and comprehension
  • They weigh about the same as a traditional hardcover edition
  • Reading larger print allows the eyes to relax more, reducing eye strain
  • Formats feature 16-point fonts that are much easier to see and read
  • Publishers are savvy about the production of these books, the cover and size remain the same as the regular edition

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” Don’t let your eyes settle for fine print, get big or go blinded.