Small great things – Jodi Picoult

At a time when race relations are harshed all over the media, My sister’s keeper author, Jodi Picoult explores racial prejudice through three characters: Ruth, a black nurse charged with the murder of a white supremacist’s baby; Turk, the white supremacist; and Kennedy, Ruth’s white public defender who harbors racial biases of her own.

This is the most important novel written in 2016, marking pivotal racial events. Writing about racing and trying to remain objecive, Jodi commits to American racism and she’s sensible enough to make her position as “white and class-privileged” known from the start. She wanted to write about race in contemporary America, and she does.

A bible of breed. The novel itself is messy, just like the racial climate across the globe. Small Great Things is an incredibly heavy read – one that’s told with brutal honesty and a lot of heart. Cover to cover, I read in disbelieve. The inhumane proceedings. Lastly, the esteemed power of karma teaches humanity that, “People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they must be taught to love.” A definite must read this century.

470pages – Read in December 2016


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