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Bookworm relationship goals

Urbanippie is not starting a book club. However, we’re a part of one, the BEE Reading Book Club. It’s as cute as it sounds, a group of girls coming together to explore magical thoughts on ink and talk about feelings toward the book whilst and after reading it.

Encouraging people to read is a sign of goodwill, but how do make sure they keep to this leisure pursuit? A kind of friendship based on reading on a bigger scale. This is where we analyse bookworm relationships for you to try out and hopefully send give feedback.  

Just the two of us

This is a total love affair with books, reading at whatever pace that suits you. Decisions about what to read next should be quick like drying up nail polish. This bookworm relationship would be a great way to get to know each other better and make a bookish bestie. FaceTime on speed dial, matching mermaid blankets, cry and laugh together. All of the above sounds like the ultimate bookish goal affair. 

Squad goals on fleek

A squad that reads together, stays together. So Queen A was thinking that the squad put up a poll up to decide on which books to read next, she thought it would be fun and everyone jumps in on the idea. Book clubs are mutually beneficial and that’s why we love them.  A squad comes together because they rely on one another. That’s the idea of book clubs because someone has to bring the guacamole. The joy of planning the next meetup, the theme, the nibbles and drinks to the slay levels is exciting. Lastly, book clubs are like family, unpolished souls coming together to share their thoughts with others, FYI you will be judged whether it’s good or bad. Haha!

Once you have decide on an exclusive or polygamous bookish relationship. Let us in the comments section below about your preferences and more cool pointers. 

While you make up your mind, look out for the next review