The thing around your neck – Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi

In this work of writings, Chimamanda published a series of short Nigerian stories which have appeared in various publications. As an author, she centres her writing on everyday life situations of Nigerians. I enjoyed almost all the stories, the constant clash of cultures reminds one of the importance of culture preservation.

Chimamanda directs the tales on social issues which rose due to the political instability in the country. Her tales are desires and realities of characters either trying to leave Nigeria through amnesty (The American embassy) and characters being deserted in the United States (The arrangers of marriage).

Adichie’s themes are applicable to and still exist today. Her story telling makes her tantalising, she tells gloomy stories beautifully (Imitation). With Adichie, you feel as though you breathe the same air with the characters (A private experience), you can almost see their facial expressions in her painting of the stories. The setting, always unpredictable. She takes you on tours in different climates and sittings (Jumping monkey hill). It is the blazing sun in Nigeria or the freezing snow in the United States, the long allies in airports or the university residence. She brings out emotions, stirs your actions, and you keep on reading. She’s a moving storyteller. Every story is worth retelling in this book, but I wouldn’t want to spoil this page turner.

*In brackets I’ve mentioned names of my favourite short stories in the book*