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Things book lovers can relate to

We understand that books are the center of every bookworm’s life. Whether they contribute to your growth or reality isn’t quite as magical as the world’s books hold. Here a few ‘that’s so me’ moments that only book lovers understand.

1. When a character dies, whether it was your favorite or not

not fair.gif

2. Listening to people compare e-books and hardbacks


3. Taking pictures of book covers to brag on Instagram

Framimg a picture.gif

4. Walking into a bookstore and getting turned on

Licking lips.gif

5. Packing more books and less clothing for vacation

A book or two.gif

6. Walking out of the cinema because the book is better

Walking out.gif

7. Your relationship goals are quite simple and straight forward

I love books too.gif

8. Suddenly becoming philosophical after reading a good book


9. Answering questions about why you read so much

stupid questions.gif

10. You have an instant liking for someone reading your favorite book.

 I like you.gif

And that is how our lives are structured. Can you relate to these experiences? Let us know about your bookworm struggles.

While you find a comfortable reading position, look out for the next review.