One hundred names – Cecilia Ahern

As a journalism student, I’ve travelled in time to what could be my story as a young hopeful chasing a big scoop. Author Cecelia Ahern paints a story about Journalist Kitty Logan who loses everything as a result of a scandal. She faces losing her friend and editor, Constance, who has guided and taught her everything that she knows. Kitty asked her what’s the story she has always wanted to writ. There is no synopsis. The list is a mystery but before Kitty could talk to her, it’s  too late. Kitty has to prove herself as she is assigned with the task to write the story Constance didn’t have the opportunity to. In the process of hearing the stories, Kitty finally starts to understand her own.

I hope I didn’t spoil anything. The characters are from different walks of life and are somehow paired to each other. They give hope and confidence that it’s never too late and that you can learn a lot from the slightest things in life.
It’s an unravelling adventure. The setting of the book is in countless locations; cafes, libraries, old-age homes, pretty much everywhere. The key idea is to bring the characters together, the author believes every table has a story to tell. It also goes on to disclose the different personalities, mostly focusing on the positive aspects.
As the book continues, there’s a sense of charm. A perfect balance between a life story and a love story. But if you want to know what happens to Kitty the rest of the characters who live in ‘One Hundred names’, you’ll have to read the book!