Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham

OMG! Did I just read that?

Lena Dunham, the daughter of two New York artists pens a self-exposing memoir. Dubbed the voice of our generation, no, no, no. I want to love her but WTF!

Not That Kind of Girl is a series of essays and emails. The book is divided into five sections, “Love & Sex”, “Body”, “Friendship”, “Work” and “Big Picture”. Dunham tells all, everything she has learnt. Quite honest but a bit much for the fainthearted. I read in disbelieve. Nonetheless, Lena is a distinct writer.

She continuously rants about her attempts to lose her virginity and lose weight. Graphic explanations of reckless sex with random guys. Her priorities were not intact at this point in her life. It gets a bit annoying, to a point where I’d slap her mind right. I felt that she got herself into bad situations.

There are funny moments. Her depiction of her parents is vivid and kind. Until she explains how her father disciplined her, satirically. And being the only child till a certain age, she wailed “intruder” when her sister was born. Special kid.

It is an interesting account for a young adult, had me shivering from cover to cover. Her sense of humour kept me reading, but there’s nothing special about what she does.

It’s disappointing and completely egocentric.

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